UKCS is proud to present a brand new event that will be running regularly on our CounterStrike:Source Servers!

Here's the lowdown:
  • The event will run every 2 weeks on the First and Third Wednesday of the Month at around 7pm (UK time)
  • The event will be held on CSS#2 (
  • We'll be featuring a mix of Classic maps, and some brand new ones for your consideration
  • The events will last about 2 hours in total, with map times of 20 minutes
  • Maps will be taken from a pool of 6 maps
  • Of these 6 maps, 2 or 3 will be brand new maps for testing- these ones may even go into rotation if they are liked!
  • The remaining 3 or 4 maps will be selected by you, the community. We'll put up a vote in the UKCS CS:S Forum so everyone can democratically be involved
  • The usual UKCS rules will apply, but some of them may be relaxed by the admin running the event- Motsman. Keep your eyes peeled for any changes announced during the event!
  • Admins will be changing settings and probably abusing their powers- Slaps, farts and burning a plenty!

All you need to do to enjoy these awesome events is to log onto CSS#2 ( - connect directly just by clicking the link!