Shocking! UKCS is back with regular NoCrit/FixedSpread events. What are they? Well, it's simple: During the events we cast aside our usual love of all things pub-TF2 like and embrace more serious side of the game: Competitive TF2. Utilising the in-built settings, we'll be disabling two key things: Random critical hits and Weapon spread.

So what are critical hits?* Critical hits (or crits as they are commonly known) come in two forms - random and boosted crits. Random crits are given randomly(!) to players as they fire and the chance of getting one depends on the type of weapon being used and the amount of damage already given to other players over a set time. Random crits deal 3x the damage weapons normally do, and are indicated by a glow round any projectiles fired and electricity around the weapon being used.

Usually on UKCS we have random crits turned on as they give everyone a chance to massacre the other team at one stage or another. This is great for casual play as any player, regardless of skill, has the chance to deal much higher amounts of damage than normal - and thus help their team secure their objectives.

This differs from the competitive side of TF2 quite considerably where all random critical hits are turned off. Does this mean I can still use my Kritzkrieg? Actually, yes - some of the weapons in TF2 give forced crits for a set amount of time, and the Kritzkrieg is one of them. What the setting for critical hits does is simply remove the random ones that occur sometimes when you are shooting - not premeditated crits for strategic purposes!

So what is weapon spread? Some of the weapons in TF2 fire more than one bullet at a time - they are typically scatterguns and shotguns. Normally when you fire them on a standard server, the bullets go off in random directions that you can't predict, making it difficult to hit what you were aiming at, even if you were aiming directly at another player. This is especially noticeable at mid-long distance - often none of your bullets will hit.

In competitive TF2 a setting called "tf_use_fixedweaponspreads" is enabled, which enforces something called "fixed weapon spread". This means that instead of firing and your bullets going off in random directions that you can't predict, you know exactly where your shots will land in a set grid type pattern. If you want to see what the exact grid layouts are, click here.

To make things even more interesting we'll also be enabling another nifty setting called "tf_damage_disablespread" that removes the random damage fluctuations that some weapons deal - if you hit someone with damage spread off, every hit will perform the same amount of damage.
If you want to join in on what will undoubtedly prove to be some insanely fun and enjoyable TF2 sessions, we'll be be running these special events twice every month starting from the 18th November 2011! All you have to do is join the server they are running on!
We strongly recommend getting onto the servers early if you want to take part in these events (without having to queue) - from previous events we have run they fill up incredibly fast! For more information on these events and other events we have run in the past have a look at the UKCS TF2 Event pages or have a look on the UKCS forums.