At UKCS we're always looking for ways to make your playing experience better. Not only are we relaunching TF2#6, we're also changing TF2#4 to bring you a totally new experience!

From May the 20th, TF2#4 will be host to both Arena mode and King of the Hill maps.

Arena mode is a classic deathmatch setup: each team's objective is to either totally eliminate the other team or capture the central control point on the map. The only snag is that there's no respawning until the next round and (even worse) no resupply lockers- don't end up dead. Arena maps tend to be small, intense fighting arenas and often have some nifty environmental spinning sawblades...bone crushing drops...sometimes even the other team!

King of the Hill (or KoTH) focuses on a single control point in the middle of the map (which is normally symmetrical) which is locked at the beginning of the round. When the point becomes unlocked, each team fights over control of the point. All the time a team has control, their timer counts down starting from 3 minutes; timers are freezed when teams don't have control of the point. Teams win when their timer reaches zero.

Sounds good? Hell yes it does!

All you need to do to enjoy this incredible set of maps is to log onto UKCS:TF2#4!