After two weeks of trials from the 9th to the 23rd of April, the TF2 admin team has come together and reviewed how successful each of the trials (Vanilla Mode & 24/7 Split maps with Turbine/Granary) were. After some discussion and reflection on both the successes and downsides of each trial, TF2#6 has been selected to run in 24/7 split map mode with ctf_turbine & cp_granary from Friday 29th April!

To make things even more interesting, we'll be running Turbine_Pro during peak times again so you can practice your flanking and grab that intelligence even more easily!

All you need to do to enjoy this brand new setup, is join UKCS:TF2#6!

Because we know that Turbine/Granary aren't everyone's cup of tea, we'll also be reviewing whether a slight change of maps will work better together sometime down the line too- keep your eyes out!

We know that a lot of you had your hearts set on TF2#6 becoming a Vanilla server, and we're really sorry to disappoint you! It was fantastic to see so many players remembering how great TF2 was when it first started and also seeing just how far it's come in the last years!

But don't worry! Vanilla mode certainly isn't gone! We're hoping to run events on TF2#2 with the Vanilla mod in the not too distant future* so you can still get your fix of retro awesomeness!