Don't be like the Engineer! Tired of spending hours labouring over a hot MIG, tirelessly slaving to give life to your latest killing machine, only for some balaclava wearing bastard to break it? Us too!

Introducing the new insurance policy from UKCS- if anyone dares damage, scratch, put nasty coffee cup ring stains or drool on your buildings in any way, shape or form, we'll send you a condolency email and a form for you to easily and conveniently blame kan with.

It's always his fault*.

In fact, let's go one step further and not actually make anything at all. Instead, just come along to the TF2 Work In Progress maptest and bear witness to a host of brand new maps, never before seen on UKCS! Even better, all of them have been made by someone else so you don't have to do anything! Be prepared for some alpha textures though- these maps are so new that they aren't even fully textured yet.

All you need to do to enjoy these incredible new maps is log onto UKCS:TF2#2 ( on April 24th at 7pm (UK Time). It's recommended that you download the map pack from the link below so you can play as much of the maps as possible and spend less time waiting around! \o/