August Rotation Maptest!

It's that time again, folks! This month we'll be featuring some of the very latest maps from, hand picked by R3pT1l3 and pretested by Jerry Sentimento, kan, Xerxes and R3pT1l3. We will be running the maptest on Tuesday 17th August from 7pm (GMT) onwards. The maps will be tested on UKCS TF2#6 ( If you want to attend, make sure you get there with plenty of time as the maptests are very popular! We advise you get the map pack so you don't have to download on the day, and spend as much time playing as possible!

Don't worry if you can't make it- we will be taking the best maps from the maptest and testing them individually on the rotation servers to get the best picture we can! If you do attend, please leave feedback on our forums.

After the Payload maptest run in July, we are very happy to announce that pl_floodgates is now on rotation on servers #1, #2 and #6! Not only that, we managed to whittle down the 8 maps tested in July to 5 possible candidates for rotation usage, which we are still testing to ensure they're suitable for rotation!

Don't forget we have two new dedicated servers for payload maps. Click here for more information!

Thanks to everyone who attended the last maptest- remember that by attending, voting, and giving feedback, you can directly influence the new maps we have on rotation and help us get similar maps. Ace!