August WIP Maptest!

It's that time again, folks! This month we'll be featuring some of the very latest Work In Progess (WIP) maps, hand picked by Alias. We will be running the maptest on Friday 13th August from 7pm (GMT) onwards. Don't forget insurance, pith helmets, machetes, etc. The maps will be tested on UKCS TF2#2 ( If you want to attend, make sure you get there with plenty of time as the maptests are very popular! We advise you get the map pack so you don't have to download on the day, and spend as much time playing as possible!

By attending and giving invaluable feedback, you can help authors develop and improve their maps, which means you can enjoy them on rotation much quicker! Find out more here.

Whilst after the WIP maptest run in July we got some great feedback on the maps, unfortunately none of the maps were suitable to be put on rotation in the same way cp_grassland and ctf_wiretap were.

If you are a map maker and you'd like to have your map featured in the next WIP test, please contact Alias to arrange a test- we'll do everything we can to feature your map but textured maps are prioritised above developer textured maps.

Thanks to everyone who attended the last maptest- remember that by attending, voting, and giving feedback, you can help the authors of new maps!