"Let's make like a traffic cone and get the hell out of here!"

You asked us. We ignored you. You asked us some more. We ignored you some more. You got angry and shouted. We stuck our fingers in our ears and went "LALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU!"


Do you dislike all 9 classes? Do you get bored with being able to defend yourself with weapons? Do you wish for simpler times when you could just hide and pretend the bad guys wont see you? Have you ever had a fetish for pretending to be an inanimate object? Were you the 1998 world hide-and-seek champion*?

For one night only** UKCS will be giving you all the chance to pretend to be tables, chairs, traffic cones, lumps of wood, kan's hair, control points and many many other props in the TF2 universe when we host an event we have affectionately dubbed "PROPHUNT MADNESS".

What is Prophunt?

Prophunt is a fantastic mod created by DarkImmortal and Geit that radically alters the way that Team Fortress 2 is played. One team spawn as standard items in the TF2 universe like cones, logs, chairs and even cows. These are known as the "Props". The other team are released after the Props have had time to hide and they have to try to find the Props by hitting, shooting, or setting fire to them. To stop the other team from shooting everything in sight, they are hurt every time they shoot or attack something!

Sounds dull? It isn't! Games are very fast and the panic you feel when hiding as a prop and a pyro is heading your way is immense, kind of like the abject terror you feel when your facebook account is attacked by spaceballs.

Don't believe me? Check out this video of the madness firsthand:

When and where is the event?

We'll be running this crazy event on TF2#8 ( on Tuesday 31st August from 7pm GMT to around 11pm GMT. If you want to download a pack of the maps we'll be playing, grab it here

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