I have 7, maps.

Im here today to talk about something that you have all been waiting for... Maptests.
The biggest deal is the maps in them. Unfortunately some will be disappointed when
they look at the player count and spot 32/32.

I however will not be disapointed for you see, I have 7 maps. So what do I do first?
Do I capture control points of the red team?
Do I push payload carts?
Do I try to keep control points away from blue while killing anyone in the meantime?
The answer is of course: Yes, because, I have 7 maps.
I can to play on cp_downward_a1,
I can capture points on cp_flashpoint_a1,
I can watch at cp_goldbound_a4,
I can have fun on koth_combustion_a2,
I can enjoy koth_vesuvius_b1,
I can push carts on pl_levee_a3_fix2,
I can watch rollback zones on pl_whitepeak_a4.
Why? Because I have 7 maps.

Now I realise that while I have 7 maps that some of you might play a map on your
own and are enjoying it. But imagine how I must feel, with 7 maps. I think you'll
find that im enjoying it 7 times as much.

Now some of you may be thinking: It's ok, I dont really want a map anyway. And that
is true, it is ok... because you aren't getting one. While I conversely I have 7 maps.

Let me put it like this: Imagine you have 1 cake, and I have 7 cakes. This is like
that...except the cake is a lie, and I have 7 maps. Also, it's just a lie for you.

I only have 1 account, but I have 7 maps.

Is it worth it to have 7 maps while my internet is down? Well, do you realise that
in time my connection is back where you will never have 7 maps. Well, maybe you want
to cover that you like maps by playing a racing game like gran turismo 5. And you
might say it's just as fun as tf2. This is obviously the talk of someone who doesn't
have 7 maps.

|    |###|7
|    |###|
|    |###|
|    |###|4
|    |###|
|    |###|
|    |###|1
 You   Me

This graph illustrates how many maps I have, versus how many maps you have. Your
column has 0... where I have 7 maps.

So I will leave you with these simple words you consider this maptest:


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