At UKCS we love the festive cheer and all the great things that Christmas brings. As an extra treat for all you revellers, we'll be running the PropHunt plugin once again on our servers over the Christmas period! As before, we'll be using the awesome exclusive stats version of PropHunt that Darkimmortal and Geit gave us, so your PropHunting skills will be recorded on the Official PropHunt Statistics for the duration of the event!

This holiday long event will be running solely on TF2#8 ( from 12am on Friday 24th September (Christmas Eve) through to 12am on Monday 27th December (the day after boxing day)! We'll have all talk on, as well as the global statistics enabled and the same great selection of maps we had last time. If you want to download packs of some of the maps we'll be playing, they are available here and here. Sounds good? We run events frequently on UKCS- check out the other events we've done recently!

What is PropHunt?

If you missed the first two PropHunt events, you're in for an absolute treat. PropHunt is a fantastic mod created by DarkImmortal and Geit that radically alters the way that Team Fortress 2 is played. One team spawn as standard items in the TF2 universe like cones, logs, chairs and even cows. These are known as the "Props". The other team are released after the Props have had time to hide and they have to try to find the Props by hitting, shooting, or setting fire to them. To stop the other team from shooting everything in sight, they are hurt every time they shoot or attack something! Not only that, the last Prop standing can fight back!

Sounds dull? It isn't! Games are very fast and the panic you feel when hiding as a prop and a pyro is heading your way is immense.

Don't believe me? Have a look at this video from the last PropHunt Weekend:

Still not convinced?

Don't think PropHunt is for you? We have loads of exclusive videos submitted by members of UKCS of the first PropHunt event- maybe they'll help convince you!

Massive thanks go to everyone who helps make events like this possible- The entire admin team for their support and ideas for running events, Geit (co-author of PropHunt) for his nothing less than stellar support and help during setting up PropHunt and troubleshooting with us, and finally, you- the players! Your continued patronage and enthusiasm makes running events worthwhile. ♥