What would Christmas be like without a UKCS TF2 event? Join us from the 23rd to 25th December this year for a fest of Vs. Saxton Hale Mod, created by Eggman!

What's this craziness? Simple - Vs. Saxton Hale (or VSH for short) pits the entire server against Saxton Hale. The game is won when Saxton is defeated or conversely defeats the entirety of the other team...or the central control point is taken, whichever happens first. Think of it like Arena...but with everyone trying to kill one player only!

Saxton has a monumental amount of health (up to 35507 for a full server!) and can only perform melee attacks, but can also perform a rage taunt where players are stunned and super jump his way onto buildings. Did we also mention he's fast? He runs at the same speed as a scout!

This probably sounds a little overpowered so to even things up players get some perks for using different weapons (shock!) - all melee weapons have a permanent critboost and certain other weapons affect Hale in different ways. Don't worry though, each time you spawn you'll get a run down of how to play each class.

Sounds good? Of course it does, no one enjoys Christmas without the promise of ganging up on a large, muscle bound Australian, do they? DO THEY?!?

Join us on UKCS:TF2#9 between the 23rd and 25th December or join IP:!
Even better, get a taste of the action below: