July WIP Maptest! UKCS.net

Our ongoing effort in association with TF2maps.net continues this month with some cracking new WIP (work in progress) maps which we hope will help authors by testing on our public servers.

Courtesy of Alias, who has organised and handpicked all the maps, we have a great selection lined up. Why not come along and help out the authors of the custom maps we play every day? By attending and giving invaluable feedback, you can help authors develop and improve their maps, which means you can enjoy them on rotation much quicker! Find out more here.

We will be running the maptest on Friday 9th July from 7pm (GMT) onwards. The maps will be tested on UKCS TF2#2 ( If you want to attend, make sure you get there with plenty of time as the maptests are very popular!

Don't worry if you can't make it- we will be hosting similar maptests in the future, and exceptional maps may even be placed on rotation! If you do attend, please leave feedback on our forums.

Wow, last month was a busy one for us! not only did we have our regular tests but we also made an entirely new event type that everyone's favourite map from the last WIP test (plr_whalerace) is now proudly part of!

After June's maptest, we also put cp_grassland on rotation due to its extremely high scores. Since then, it has been played over 70 times and it will probably stay on rotation. Don't forget, you can request to have your map tested by contacting Alias on the forum.