June Rotation Maptest! UKCS.net

The UKCS admin team have been working hard to pretest and select more maps that are possible for rotation use the UKCS servers, following our many successful previous tests. This month's maps were selected by DeathTaker27, BigBMXDave, Kan, Unspecified and Xerxes.
Why not come along to the rotation maptest to vote, give feedback and help shape your servers and the maps we put on them! Every map that is in the test is being considered for rotation so your input is vital!

We will be running the maptest on Thursday 10th June from 7pm (GMT) onwards. The maps will be tested on UKCS TF2#6 ( If you want to attend, make sure you get there with plenty of time as the maptests are very popular!

Don't worry if you can't make it- we will be taking the best maps from the maptest and testing them individually on each server to get the best picture we can! If you do attend, please leave feedback on our forums.

After the extremely successful maptest run in May, we are pleased to announce that plr_panic and cp_coldfront are now on servers #1, #2 and #6! Further maps such as cp_follower and cp_crossroads are still being tested.

Thanks to everyone who attended the May maptest and all the further maptests, we've managed to add two more maps to rotation and hopefully a further two after this! Great work!