March's Rotation Maptest!

This month, we've been thinking with Portals (and our brains for once!)- March's maptest features all the usual quality maps you expect from a UKCS TF2 maptest, but also a special addition: koth_aperture. "Nowai!" I hear you scream. Yes way, man. It does look like Portal.

This delectable bonanza will take place on 19th March from 7pm (GMT) onwards on UKCS TF2#8 ( Don't forget to obtain the map pack though- otherwise we will flood the enrichment centre with a deadly neurotoxin. Taking part in the maptest helps you, and us, to see the maps that could be on rotation soon- your feedback makes it possible for us to choose what maps are worthy of being played even more! If at first you don't succeed, you die you can replay the maps when we retest them on servers TF2#1, TF2#2 and TF2#6 over the coming weeks.

Featuring maps lovingly handpicked by Frying Dutchman. He'll also be running the test, so if anything goes wrong, make a note of his profile page. Keep the mobs small this time. Clear up your own evidence too.