November's Admins vs. Players event!

Rico sat in his comfy chair at UKCS Admin HQ, listening to the sounds of battle raging outside. As he monitored his console for signs of trouble his mind started wandering, thinking of fluffy rabbits, and rainbows, and other such things.

His attention was sharpened immediately by a comment which came drifting through the open window at that moment.

"...admins! You know, none of them can actually play TF2. Those who can, do; those who can't, admin!"

"LOL, yeah!" came the reply.

Incensed, Rico leapt to his feet, dashed to the door and flung it open.

"OI!" he bellowed, "I'm not having that!"

Before him, a small group of players stopped what they were doing, and turned to face the red-faced admin.

Rico continued. "We've some fine players in the admin team, I'll have you know!"

"Yeah? Like whom?"

"Well, Kan for a start. He's a pretty mean Demoman. AlexSeifer's no slouch as a Medic. And of course we've Wombat! Many a game has been turned from a loss into a win thanks to his orchestration."

"That it?"

"Hell no! Odgor, alias, Trell... We've loads of great players; too many to name them all! An endless supply of pure awesome! And Xerxes!"

"Pff, you're living in cuckoo land. Everyone knows players pwn admins."





"Right, there's only one way to settle this."

"Hah! Any time, any place!"

"Sunday 28th November, 7pm UK time. Server #9."

"You're on!"

"And you're gonna regret it! We'll even let you choose the maps. Oh, and we'll be bringing some friends. You'd better bring yours; you're gonna need 'em!"

And with that, Rico turned on his heel, stormed back into HQ and slammed the door behind him. The challenge was on. The gauntlet well and truly thrown down. The only question now was...why was there no fresh coffee? Rico looked around the empty room.