That's right, you miserable scum. We're sick and tired of you and your "9 classes" and your prancing about like little fairies. Think you're big and clever just because you can switch to some fancy new unlock whenever you want? Fancy blowing RED up? Love filling BLU with hot, hot lead?

GUESS WHAT? We're not gonna let you have any guns! How'd you like that, big shot? (It's a rhetorical question, you idiot.)

This, frankly perilous, event will be running solely on TF2#8 ( from 7pm on Tuesday 19th October through to about 10pm on the same night. We'll have all talk on so you can hear the screams of your enemy as you bludgeon your way to victory and no end of frivolous lawsuits.

We'll be causing GBH across regular maps as well as a couple of new ones just for this event- "Yes!" I hear you shout, shortly before being pummeled by an over enthusiastic scotsman. Sounds good? We run events frequently on UKCS- check out the other events we've done recently!

For the love of God! Why Melee Only?!?

  • Any idiot can fire a gun, it takes a real man/pyro to smash someone's head in with a blunt instrument.
  • Nothing beats the sound of hearing a demo knight removing someones head.
  • Bullets are expensive.
  • Xerxes likes biscuits.
  • Melee is less CPU intensive, thus saving electricity and keeping TC's utility bills down. It's either this or he can only do one tumble dry run a week.
  • Apparently some of you weirdos actually enjoy melee only (Sickos).
  • We need more reasons to fill in tax exemption forms. Nothing says "give us money" more than a pile of beaten corpses and waivers*.

But Admins! Someone always glitches during Melee events and they spoil it for everyone else!

Aha! Not this time you weapon dodging sack of skin, we hopefully have a better plugin that removes a lot of the glitches that happened last time and if that doesnt work anyone firing a weapon will feel the mighty Banhammer of Doom™**!

Like the sound of this event? Thank R3pt1l3 for his idea, and offering to run it with ApacheFlame. them no mercy...