Following our immensely successful Melee Only night, we are excited to announce a new treat for server starters on UKCS.

As so many players attempt to start up servers and enjoy playing melee only at the same time, we'll be featuring maps with Melee Only turned on that can be voted into play by players when there are less than 20 players present. For those unaware, Melee Only prevents you from using any weapons other than those in slot 3- basically anything that is used to bludgeon the enemy!

We are going to start this new scheme on TF2#8 ( and depending on how well it is received we will try to roll out the changes to the other TF2 rotation servers!

Tell me more!...

  • Just turn up on a server with less than 20 players and Melee only maps will be voteable! Don't worry if there are more than 20 players when the map is played though- you'll still get Melee Only!
  • Melee Only will be set by the server automatically so you won't get anyone griefing!
  • All talk will be on automatically so you can hear everyone else on server moaning at your 50th eyelander kill in a row!
  • You'll be able to tell maps that have Melee Only enabled by their "melee_" prefix. Look out for them!

Don't like Melee Only?

Don't worry! If you don't like Melee only, the maps won't be as long as normal server maps so you won't have to endure Melee for long!

Like the sound of this? Got any more ideas to make the servers more interesting to play on? Come harass us on the UKCS forums!

Featured Maps

Want to know what maps you can play with melee when starting up the server? A small handful are listed below. If you have any suggestions, please tell us on the forums!

  • melee_knockout_beta4
  • melee_koth_hiddentomb_a5
  • melee_trainyard
  • melee_pl_dustbowl_b4
  • melee_tr_target
  • melee_plr_whalerace_a4a

Don't worry about map packs or downloading them separately as they are small and can be downloaded as and when they come up. Enjoy yourselves when starting the servers up!