The 2010 UKCS facebook grab!

From 23rd December 2010 to the 31st January 2011, we offered players from UKCS the chance to enter the UKCS Facebook group and at the end of the period have the chance to be entered into a prize draw to win a variety of prizes including games, VIP slots on UKCS and rare TF2 hats. Over 90 prizes were pledged to the winners including a rare unusual Texas Ten Gallon donated kindly by Screweh*!

At the end of the competition, nearly 2000 UKCS players had joined the group and on the 1st of February the following players were randomly selected:

1st Prize: Bruce Willis |UKCS|

4th Prize: xxkimeraxx

5th Prize: Deus Deceptor

Congratulations to all the winners and huge thanks to all the admins and donaters involved with the competition! ♥

You can see all the prizes that were on offer as well as the details of the competition here. We at UKCS are incredibly happy with how successful the competition was; We're committed to keeping you all informed as much as possible and Facebook allows us to easily send you information- the more of you we can reach, the more useful the service is for everyone!

Future UKCS competitions!

We're planning on running these kinds of competitions (on a smaller scale) more often on UKCS, which will inevitably be announced on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To ensure you find out about these competitions in the future, why not   the UKCS Facebook group and receive the latest news from UKCS from the comfort of your Facebook stream?