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New Multiplay LAN Guide

Don’t say we never give you anything, this is hot off the press!

We have our own LAN guide here. Multiplay have released a new LAN guide, which although is geared towards i45, it is well worth a read if you plan on attending any iSeries LAN.

The multiplay guide is here (PDF Document).

Should you buy EAS?

Yes.  That was an easy article!

If you don’t know what EAS is, it stands for Early Arrival Service, and allows you to take your computer in and get set up the day before the actual event starts.  Off the top of my head, you’re not actually allowed to enter the venue and set your equipment up until 9am on the Friday morning normally, whereas buying EAS (15 GBP) allows you to enter with your equipment and setup at roughly 6pm on the Thursday.  Whilst Multiplay do not guarantee stable internet until Friday morning, it hasn’t normally been an issue in the past.

Being setup and inside early enables you to meet and greet your fellow LAN’ers and enjoy the feeling of starting the Lan relatively early!  I highly recommend you pay the extra monies and enjoy the extra few hours of LAN time.

ScrewMeh*’s Testic-monia-le

Well, where to start? I had known a few of the people at i43 for quite a long time but never met them in person. When Trell suggested going to iseries I was a bit wary, but after a little bit of thought I caved and bought my ticket. Turns out, iSeries was one of the best weekends of my life and is still one of my greatest memories. Meeting people I had known online in person left me quite nervous but it turns out they are probably the best people I know, well, except Spec of course, we all dislike him. i43 has influenced my decision to attend both i45 and i46 this year, both of which I am extremely looking forward to. i46 in the UKCS box I can guarantee is going to be an experience :D

TL:DR If you are thinking of attending your first LAN, make sure it’s in the UKCS box and you will have the best time of your life :D

i46 Clanbox costs

We have been speaking to Multiplay and they have confirmed that clanbox costs will be set at £10 per ticket (exclusive of EAS).

As a result all players who are joining us in the clanbox will need to send payment of £11 via PayPal to LAN@UKCS.net ASAP. The additional £1 is to cover PayPal transaction fee costs and does not reflect a profit for UKCS – there are two transaction fees covered by the extra £1; firstly for us to receive the money from you into the PayPal account and then secondly to Multiplay.



When you send your Clanbox payment, select the Payment type as “personal” and then “gift”. Please include in the comments for the transfer your name, in-game name and your booking ID and ensure that the “I will pay the fee” box is unticked. If you tick it, you will end up paying more for your place as we cannot refund the extra amount.

This information has also been added to the Clanbox information page.

I43 with UKCS

When i went to I43 I was lucky enough to have stumbled across Xerxes arranging a clanbox but not quite having enough people to fill it. After a lot of discussion me and my old clan were to be part of the UKCS clanbox. Very friendly if slightly mad people and now I’m in UKCS (not sure how that happened) I43 was definately my best Iseries to date with I46 shaping up to be even better.


Best 5 days ever

After seeing Extremer rape faces at i40, I decided I wanted to attend my first lan.  I decided on i43 due to the fact that it was Summer (and relatively warm in the UK, I cannot stand the cold) and also apparently the largest of the iseries events.  I duly got my flights, ticket and lifts all sorted (fanks Sunshine!) and waited it out.

Eventually August rolled around, and I have never before or since had such a laugh over a short space of time.  I was nervous about meeting everyone I had been raging with (and at) over mumble for several years, but seriously, I needn’t have worried.  I cannot recommend enough that you come along and meet everyone you know from gaming with and just enjoy the iseries!

What’s so cool about watching competitive e-sports?

So, you're tempted by the insomnia LAN lark, though you're just not sure about this professional gaming thing? I was once in your shoes. I enjoyed playing TF2, but just couldn't get excited about watching competitive TF2. I didnt know my infused from my epsilon or my little pwnies from my pubstar heroes. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people from the TF2 community such as Comedian from VanillaTF2.org, loads of comp players that came to check out the box and then getting a special invite, well Trell getting an invite and me tagging along, to watch team dignitas play TCM gaming live in dignitas' box. This gave me a great insight into what goes on in a proper comp team, despite...

Satisfactory amount of ponies…

Coming to i43 was a bit of a worry for me to be honest. This was the first i-series/LAN that I went to and it doesn’t help I was worried about how sociable I would be and wouldn’t be able to fit in. After the slight awkwardness that everyone had on the first night trying to work put faces to names/voices because this is the first time MOST of us had a chance to see each other in the flesh the whole thing became relaxed and epic.

Everyone was really awesome and the whole thing was a complete blast. Every single moment was completely memorable. From Garner‘s troll face, our teams pretty epicly failed games (with team My Little Pwnies having the best record so far with ONE win, and that being a default), our shenanigans in the clanbox, surprisingly finding other people to talk My Little Ponies:Friendship is Magic (This isn’t so great or completely awesome depending on who you are ;P) too and a load more that are too epic to mention and in a case of a certain  person  (*Whistles Innocently*), a thing that I been contracted to never speak of again…

So yeah, if you’re on the fence or even if you don’t want to come (You’re an idiot if you don’t want to) and just go for it. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Diary of a Little Pwnie

So Sunshine has given you an awesome run down of competitive TF2. She plays comp TF2 and is rather good. I on the other hand am not. In the spirit of making myself look silly, Mittins and I decided to resurrect my little pwnies, the team that did so well really badly in the UKCS Community Knockout Cup. We had more players than an american football teams roster due to people being ill, at weddings, drunk, etc. This didn't stop us rolling out with a full team every game. We faced off with really good opponents in the group stages, against teams like nervous energy. We also came away with our first whitewash! 5-0 and a fantastic win. Xerxes will tell you it is because the other team...