Kan’s Testimonial

I had always been dubious about mixing my online friends with real life but i bit the bullet and signed up for i43. I needn’t have worried as meeting everyone was awesome and i have to say that it was the highlight of the year for me. I thoroughly recommend the Insomnia LAN to all gamers and i cant wait for i46 this August.

Want to play competitive TF2 at LAN?

So, you are at your first LAN, you have 5 mates with you and you fancy dipping your toe in the comp scene water! Here are a few do's, dont's and a little idea of what to expect! Comp TF2 at an iSeries LAN is played in the 6v6 format- that's 6 players on each team ;) The most effective comp 6v6 team structure has been found to be as follows: 1 x medic, 2 x soldiers, 2 x scouts, 1 x demoman Utility classes are used as well and some maps lend themselves very well to the usages of spies, snipers and pyros. Engie is only usually used on Gravelpit and on final point as a delaying tactic.The maps tend to be general stock maps such as cp_granary, cp_badlands (these 2 are ALWAYS played in...

iSeries LANS

iSeries lans, possibly the best fun you can have with a PC, iSeries lan with the UKCS crowd? DEFINITELY the best fun you can have with a pc! just don’t let Trell “the Rohypnol king” near any of your drinks ;)

i46 – 32 IDs already!

Jeepers, that went fast – in under 3 weeks since the tickets for Insomnia 46 went on sale, we have 32 players signed up to join us:

  • 13th Nightmare
  • 2514Ben
  • Apacheflame
  • Binerexis
  • Cotillion
  • Digichris
  • Garner
  • Hollasis
  • Jenny
  • Kan
  • Lance Bombardier Dom
  • Lockwyn
  • Milky
  • MittinsKittens
  • Mrs_Sekhmet
  • Nish
  • PredatorPants
  • RDC^
  • Recoil
  • Salva
  • ScrewMeh*
  • Security
  • Sir Bob Geldof
  • Smogsy
  • SniperStevie
  • Sweetamber
  • The_Pope
  • The-Monk
  • Trell
  • Unspecified
  • Whango
  • Xerxes
Haven’t sent us your ID yet? Don’t worry! We’re taking enough IDs for a two clanboxes which will be next door to each other! – just make sure you tell us your booking ID when you’ve bought your ticket. :)
Order noms to your desk!!!!

You can buy noms with internet moneys and they fetch it to your seat D:, This time I will not only bring a dinosaur but I myself will be one :D . The most fun u can have with a pc anywhere.

Best Days Of My Life So Far

Last year when I went to i43 was my 1st time ever at any LAN event, and I can honestly say it was without a doubt, the best time of my life. It is hard to describe the feeling you get when at a LAN for the 1st time, but I will never forget the experience of those days

Become a true LAN veteran!

i46 will be a landmark for me as it will be my 5th i-Series and I’m from the Netherlands, what’s your excuse not to come and have some of the most fun you can have without involving someone’s sister in some naughty naughty?!

Best 5 days of the year!

i43 was the first Insomnia LAN that I’ve been to and it was by far the best 5 days of my year! Not only was it great finally meeting the players from UKCS, but the entire experience was a blast from start to finish. Even taking everything on the London Underground and by train was worth the trip (surely kan will moan if he reads this – he did pick me up from Bristol!)!

If you only get one holiday this year, make sure it’s to an iSeries event.

New UKCS social media pages

ukcs_lan We’re proud to unveil that we now have two additional social media pages dedicated to bringing you the very latest information on LANs and iSeries events. We’ll be updating these new accounts with information about LANs and other RL events that UKCS is part of so you only need to subscribe to one account receive all the latest lowdown. Nifty, huh?

To join, just go to either UKCS at LAN Twitter page (@UKCS_LAN) or UKCS at LAN Facebook page (UKCS.LAN)!