Earlier Bird Tickets going fast

It seems Multiplay have already sold 150 of the 500 30% discount tickets in under a week, over 6 months before the event and before i45 has even taken place. Of the 150 sold, 22 have now put their names down for the UKCS box – 15% of the tickets sold! :D

If you’re interested in coming this year then we suggest getting your ticket sooner rather than later if you can afford to.

Insomnia 46 Clanbox Information (important!)

Due to the level of interest we are seeing for players coming to Insomnia46, we’re in a position of having to make the following announcement:

Clanbox bookings for players wanting to join UKCS will have to be processed on a first-come-first-served basis. This is because we need to have a complete set of confirmed bookings before we can make any clanbox arrangements. Regrettably we cannot reserve places as it is unfair on players who have already committed to joining the event.

This means that we will be allocating the first clanbox to the first 32 players who have submitted their IDs onto a provisional list for clanboxes, which will be moved into a confirmed list once we have received payment for the actual clanbox costs.

This doesn’t mean that anyone who joins after the first clanbox is filled will not get to join UKCS in a clanbox, but we do need to bear in mind that the clanboxes are of a limited size. After the first 32 IDs have been confirmed we will start filling the next clanbox. We will endeavour to ensure that any players who are part of a later tranche will still be seated in a clanbox with other UKCS players.