Last few earlier bird tickets!

It’s not very surprising that according to Multiplay the earlier bird tickets (£64.40) are almost gone! There are still plenty of tickets available, but the price will increase. Expect ticket sales to rocket after i45 in may so if you are planning to come to i46 try and secure your ticket at the cheaper price!

Link to Multiplay post.

Insomnia 46 Clanbox Update



Quick update on the Clanbox situation for i46 – I had the pleasure of talking to Michael Lambert (who is event manager for i46) on Friday. He explained that the current Clanbox situation is that we are definitely able to book some of the lower Clanboxes that were in use last year. If you were at i43 last year you will probably remember how cramped they were, but don’t worry! Multiplay have reassessed the capacities of the boxes because of that and they have been rejigged to support 20 players instead of the 32 that were in them last year. Hurrah!

This means that if you were concerned about being able to join UKCS in a Clanbox, you will be able to get into the box – currently we’re looking at a top end cap of 60 players, meaning that every single one of the current Clanbox payees will be able to join us. If you haven’t sent us your ID, make sure you send it in ASAP either to or send us a message on the UKCS forums.

Competition starter

As you know, UKCS is going to Insomnia 46 (i46) this year, and the event looks set to be the most fun you can legally have without running the risk of litigation somewhere down the line with 34 confirmed UKCS attendees to date.

Needless to say we know that loads of players are really interested in coming but can’t afford tickets – that’s why we’ve launched a brand new competition where you could win a FREE fully paid ticket to i46 complete with entry to the UKCS clanbox included. All you need to do is submit the most awesome caption you can think of for one of the photos from i43!

Shock! Horror! Exclamation marks! – Find out more, including the full T&C’s on the competition page.

Photos now taggable on site!

We’ve just implemented a new feature on the iSeries site – photos can now be tagged to show exactly who’s in them! Here’s a photo of SilentImage, Trell and Garner playing Xbox which has been tagged:

Why have we added this? Whilst we were at i43 we got a lot of requests from users to say exactly who was in each photo, and this new system should show exactly who in the photo without any hassle. What’s more, any members that are tagged in photos will also have the photos shown on their profile. Have a look at Trell’s profile to see what we mean! :)

Berath’s thoughts thunk

i43 was the first LAN/iseries I’d ever attended and I wasn’t sure what I’d be letting myself in for. I reckoned I’d probably be a bit more female; and a bit more old fart than most of anyone there..would people constantly be suggesting I ‘have a nice sit down to rest my legs’ and looking for my slippers to warm or making me cups of cocoa? But, no worries needed. There was a good mix of friendly people and not once was I offered cocoa, though not sure how I feel about that one. I like cocoa. It was great meeting everyone and playing games alongside people that I’d only spoken to online before. I wasn’t in the clanbox because I was with my own clan, but UKCS was really welcoming towards me anyway as part of the UKCS community which was brilliant and shows how everyone can feel/be included. For i43 I only bought a weekend spectator ticket. For i46 I’m going for the full thing and I can’t wait. And I’d recommend it to anyone.

i43 Clanbox Timelapse

Hot off the press: All 40 hours of the footage we took from i43 in under 5 minutes!

We’ll be releasing more of the Clanbox footage we have in the coming weeks – if you have a request let us know!