I46 Caption Competition Vote!

After 3 weeks of user submitted captions our all star team of judges have selected the final shortlist of entries. TC (President of UKCS), Byte (TF2 guru and world renown caster) and Torden (owner of VanillaTF2) have managed to isolate the top 10 picks from those that were sent in, and now it’s your chance to help decide who is most worthy of winning 1 of 2 tickets to Insomnia 46 complete with access to the UKCS Clanbox! The entrants with the highest two votes by the end of a week’s voting will win the tickets!

Click here to cast your vote!

April’s Update

Well folks, time is slowly drawing closer to Insomnia 46 and, more closely, Insomnia 45. With that in mind we have had a colossal amount of interest from players coming to i46 with us, and 40 players confirmed to join us in the clanbox already! If you want to join us but don’t have the means or go-ahead to book tickets, let us know – we might be able to work something out to ensure you can come. If you don’t let us know, however, don’t be surprised if all the places go because they are going fast now!