i49 set to sell out – limited spaces in UKCS Clanbox!

Insomnia 49 is set already to be the biggest UK gaming festival held. Ever.

All 3000 of the tickets have been either booked provisionally or paid for now – this means that there are only about 700 tickets left that are possible to book. If you were planning on going to i49 we highly recommend you book your ticket ASAP or pay for your provisional booking as tickets can still be bought until the 3000 player cap is met!

On top of this, the largest UKCS turnout to a LAN ever is going to be seen at i49 – we only have 6 spaces left in our mega 80 man Clanbox! Don’t forget we also have the awesome prescence of KritzKast with us too!

If you have a fully paid BYOC ticket and want to join us in the box, do not delay! Send your ID along to Xerxes@UKCS.net or Unspecified@UKCS.net to secure your space, we’ll let you know what else to do (or see here for more info).