About Insomnia

Multiplay UK hosts the largest LAN in the United Kingdom; Insomnia, otherwise known as the iSeries LANs. The event is now held at The Telford International Centre but was previously at Newbury Racecourse.

Main Hall

During the 4 days of LAN, Multiplay plays host to over 2,500 players from all over the globe. Most of the players are seated in the main halls (see above) where there are literally row upon row upon row of LAN gamers from many different games. The hall is split into sections by game type or genre, but all players are free to sit where they prefer. There are also separate areas available for clans to book, known as Clanboxes. For more information on Clanboxes, click here.

Whilst the event is going on there are numerous competitions and fun tournaments that are played, with the final games being played on the main event stage holding over 400 people (not counting internet spectators). On top of this, top PC companies and custom hardware brands showcase the very latest gear they have and (if you’re lucky!) giveaways of their brands.