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online gamer for 12 years, comp tf2 player for 4 years, single Mother and Brewery sales rep!

In game name: re# Sunshine Snookums
LANs attended: Gt lans 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 12 - i34 i37, i40, i43 EAS, i44 and i45 day spec and i46 booked and paid for
Plays: TF2, L4D
Steam Page: rehashsunshine
Favourite LAN drink: cask ale

Recent Posts by Sunshine

  • So the PCs are packed, the halls are empty and i46 is over...: What can I say about i46, this was my 5th TUP iSeries event and it was bigger and better than ever! The Exhibition hall was amazing with so many cool things to do and see, Borderlands 2, Yu Gi Oh bus out the front of the venue, trading card stand, Scan with their Scalextrix, PNY's formula one racing car, awesome cakes of win, the list is endless! Hall 3 (where I sat with my clan) had its own bar, the VanillaTV stage for TF2, and 800 TF2 players including Classic Mix^ and Levithan Gaming... Read more...

  • Want to play competitive TF2 at LAN?: So, you are at your first LAN, you have 5 mates with you and you fancy dipping your toe in the comp scene water! Here are a few do's, dont's and a little idea of what to expect! Comp TF2 at an iSeries LAN is played in the 6v6 format- that's 6 players on each team ;) The most effective comp 6v6 team structure has been found to be as follows: 1 x medic, 2 x soldiers, 2 x scouts, 1 x demoman Utility classes are used as well and some maps lend themselves very well to the usages of spies,... Read more...

  • iSeries LANS: iSeries lans, possibly the best fun you can have with a PC, iSeries lan with the UKCS crowd? DEFINITELY the best fun you can have with a pc! just don't let Trell "the Rohypnol king" near any of your drinks... Read more...