Berath’s thoughts thunk

i43 was the first LAN/iseries I’d ever attended and I wasn’t sure what I’d be letting myself in for. I reckoned I’d probably be a bit more female; and a bit more old fart than most of anyone there..would people constantly be suggesting I ‘have a nice sit down to rest my legs’ and looking for my slippers to warm or making me cups of cocoa? But, no worries needed. There was a good mix of friendly people and not once was I offered cocoa, though not sure how I feel about that one. I like cocoa. It was great meeting everyone and playing games alongside people that I’d only spoken to online before. I wasn’t in the clanbox because I was with my own clan, but UKCS was really welcoming towards me anyway as part of the UKCS community which was brilliant and shows how everyone can feel/be included. For i43 I only bought a weekend spectator ticket. For i46 I’m going for the full thing and I can’t wait. And I’d recommend it to anyone.