Best 5 days ever

After seeing Extremer rape faces at i40, I decided I wanted to attend my first lan.  I decided on i43 due to the fact that it was Summer (and relatively warm in the UK, I cannot stand the cold) and also apparently the largest of the iseries events.  I duly got my flights, ticket and lifts all sorted (fanks Sunshine!) and waited it out.

Eventually August rolled around, and I have never before or since had such a laugh over a short space of time.  I was nervous about meeting everyone I had been raging with (and at) over mumble for several years, but seriously, I needn’t have worried.  I cannot recommend enough that you come along and meet everyone you know from gaming with and just enjoy the iseries!

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About Trell

Trell is a long serving admin for the TF2 side of UKCS and attended i43 in 2011. As a senior admin his roles mainly include raging on Mumble on a Friday and Saturday night, whilst drinking copious amounts of (mainly red) wine.