Bring on the summer!

Well that’s all for i45 folks. I was sad not to be there myself, but thanks to you can relive the TF2 side of i45 with loads of interviews with various teams and coverage of all the matches on their youtube channel. The final is hosted on Multiplay’s own Fileplay site where you can also find all the videos multiplay themselves made for every i series for some time. I highly suggest checking out the TF2 finals from i40 and i43!

However, nostalgia is so last weekend. i46 was already a hot topic of conversation for vanillatv at i45, but it does look like the event is going to be huge. UKCS already has 49 people signed up to sit in the clanbox with us. Spaces are limited so if you are thinking of going then it is time to get your skates on! Multiplay has also announced that their Early Bird ticket offer will end on June 6th! Early Bird tickets still come with a massive 20% discount on the face value of the ticket.

If you are thinking of coming, apprehensive or want questions answered then either leave a comment or head on over to the forums where we have an iseries specific subforum. The link’s on the right hand side of the page.

Remember, if you book your ticket and want to be in the clanbox then you need to send a PM to Xerxes or Trell on the forums with your booking ID. There is a small fee involved in this but all the benefits and information is on the Clanbox Information page.

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Apache is the UKCS executive admin for TF2, forum moderator and some would say one lab accident away from being an evil genius. He attended i43/i46 and is eagerly awaiting i49 later this year. When not gaming he is usually found at his desk pretending to be a PhD student or at the range training the university target rifle team.