i49 set to sell out – limited spaces in UKCS Clanbox!

Insomnia 49 is set already to be the biggest UK gaming festival held. Ever.

All 3000 of the tickets have been either booked provisionally or paid for now – this means that there are only about 700 tickets left that are possible to book. If you were planning on going to i49 we highly recommend you book your ticket ASAP or pay for your provisional booking as tickets can still be bought until the 3000 player cap is met!

On top of this, the largest UKCS turnout to a LAN ever is going to be seen at i49 – we only have 6 spaces left in our mega 80 man Clanbox! Don’t forget we also have the awesome prescence of KritzKast with us too!

If you have a fully paid BYOC ticket and want to join us in the box, do not delay! Send your ID along to Xerxes@UKCS.net or Unspecified@UKCS.net to secure your space, we’ll let you know what else to do (or see here for more info).

UKCS Pub Quiz winners (i46) on Multiplay front page!


Photo by: Ashley Pinner

After JayyJayy’s enthused shouts of “MY FACE IS ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE ISERIES SITE!” over Mumble, we thought it was only fitting it be memorialised for all to see; If you didn’t know, the UKCS team was victorious in the i46 Saturday Pub Quiz, taking home a princely sum of just over £307 – which was summarily converted to a keg and pizza. Cue memories of drunken twister at 3am.

Check out the original post by MPUK here or the full sized picture over on the Multiplay Flickr stream. Either way you can admire the gorgeous faces of our very own EWJ, Dr C, SJ, JayyJayy and Security. Rock on guys!

KritzKast join the UKCS i49 Clanbox

You hear that? That’s the sound of awesome smashing your LAN experience up to the next level as TF2 podkasting legends KritzKast join the party and the UKCS Insomnia 49 Clanbox. It’s also the sound of breaking windows and police sirens, but we won’t talk about that*.

That’s right, KritzKast are joining us in the insanely large 80 man Clanbox we have at i49 this year. TF2 legends Agro, Tempest, Ruskeydoo and Helene will be covering things from i49 and generally raising the cool level of the room whilst dodging Nerf darts**.

If you want to join us at i49 and join in on the largest LAN in the UK this year, with over 2500 players there are still a few spaces to join us.

Hope to hear from you soon!

*until the court case.
**UKCS does not endorse annoying KritzKast. It’s not funny and they are known to bite.

Insomnia 49 Clanbox status


Spaces left in the UKCS Clanbox at i49!

Insomnia 49 is set to have the largest turnout for UKCS members that we’ve seen and already a stupendous 79 players have signed up to join us in the UKCS Clanbox this year. Clanboxes are private areas in the LAN with locking doors and air-conditioning to guarantee a comfortable time.

Unfortunately, this also leaves us with only a limited number of places left to assign – if you are planning on joining us we recommend telling us ASAP. To buy your ticket click here. Places in the Clanbox are on a first-come-first-served basis and if you don’t get a slot we will put you onto the waiting list so that you can take a place if one becomes available.

If you do want to join us make sure you send us your booking ID to LAN@UKCS.net or direct to Xerxes or Unspecified on Steam. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Insomnia 49 Earlier Bird ends TODAY!

Until 4pm (16:00) today, Earlier Bird is still offering tickets at the princely price of 30% off – that means tickets for the entirety of i49 are only £64.40, or £16.10 a day! Make sure you send your bookingID to myself (Xerxes) or Unspecified to secure your seat in the UKCS Clanbox.

EDIT: Earlier Bird has now ended, but there is a further discount period available until the end of April at a lower discount of 20% off (£73.60). After this there will be no more discounts and tickets will be full price (£92).

Insomnia 49 tickets drop!

Insomnia 49 – 23rd to 26th August 2013

Hours after Insomnia 48 finishes, and Insomnia 49 tickets are out! Multiplay have announced that they will be giving earlier bird discounts at the rate of 30% off for 1 week only. This means the cost will be a fantastic low of £64.40! During this time there are unlimited tickets available BUT the discount will end on 16:00 on 2nd April – after this time tickets will still be available but will cost more. We anticipate a further discount period (less discount!) but don’t hold your breath. Go grab your tickets here. If you want EAS (Early Arrival Service), don’t forget to budget for it too.

i49 Clanbox

As with Insomnia 43 and Insomnia 46, we are looking to rent a Clanbox from Multiplay – Clanboxes are just like sitting in the main hall – you have a network connection, power sockets, a seat and a desk. There’s one difference though – Clanboxes are private rooms for members of the same clan/community. There’s loads more information on Clanboxes over here. We don’t know the exact costs of Clanboxes yet, or the total number we can take, but MPUK and UKCS will be working together to accommodate all players who have committed to join us at i49. We’ll let you know exact costs as and when we know for sure.

For now, what we need from you is your BYOC booking reference ID (sent to your email address when booking tickets) and a valid email address for you sent to either Xerxes or Unspecified. We will then add your name on the forum and (if necessary) register you an account on the minisite along with adding you to the groups needed. At this point we’ll be assuming you are joining us in the Clanbox, however if you don’t pay the additional costs in a reasonable time then we will fill your slot with a paying player.


Hotels for i49 are going FAST! Make sure that you have booked yours to avoid disappointment! Full accommodation details can be found here. There is Uni accommodation in addition to the hotels and there is always a bunch of UKCS people camping too for those that want to form a mini tent city – details will be on the forums closer to the time. There is also the possibility of indoor sleeping at i49, although this has not been confirmed by Multiplay.

i49 Hotels

Hope you’ve had a good festive break so far and are looking forward to those New Years Eve hangovers!

The dates for i49 are Friday 23rd – Monday 26th August 2013, with Early Arrival on Thursday 22nd, and it should be a great event like last summer, though tickets are not on sale yet (and we don’t think they will be until the day after i48 in March). If you are already planning to attend then you might want to think about accommodation ahead of the tickets going on sale as the onsite hotels did sell out last summer and the August event is always the busiest event they run. If you are planning to stay in a hotel then the reservations for i49 are now open. You don’t have to pay until you arrive and can cancel up until the day before the event so even if you aren’t absolutely certain you can attend yet, it does make sense to reserve a room now and cancel later if you cant make it. You will need to provide a credit/debit card number though to reserve the room which will only get billed if you don’t cancel or show up.

To reserve a room drop an email to reservations@southwatereventgroup.com and let them know which hotel you want and what dates – remember to say your booking is for the august iseries event at the multiplay rate. The rate for a double room at The International Hotel is £57.85 per room per night – about £2 more than last year so I would expect a similar rise at The Holiday Inn or Grays Inn. If you want some more information then you can call the reservations team on 01952 527 310 – though we would recommend only doing so during office hours as after 5pm the calls get routed to the hotel reception desk rather than the reservations team and some of the hotel staff are not able to deal with the multiplay set rates correctly. If you are looking to save money by sharing a room then do ask on the forums, there are likely to be others looking to do the same.

Full accommodation details can be found here though note the dates and prices are for i48 in March still, not i49. There is Uni accommodation in addition to the hotels and there is always a bunch of UKCS people camping too for those that want to form a mini tent city – details will be on the forums closer to the time. Multiplay are also trying some sort of indoor sleeping area at i48 – we don’t have the details yet but if it works ok at i48 there is always the possibility it will return to i49 and we will of course keep you updated if it does.

Keep your eyes peeled on the mini site and the forums for more information about the UKCS clanbox and other details as we get closer to the event!

P.S if you have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket then tickets for i48 (March) are 20% off until 7th Jan. There are a number of UKCS people booked in already and if you going then let us know over here and we can make sure we all sit together.

Have a happy new year!