Clanbox information 2014


The i49 Clanbox (at Telford International Centre).

UKCS Clanbox at Insomnia 52

At the previous 3 Insomnia Summer LANs we were lucky enough to secure Clanboxes for the UKCS attendees. Clanboxes are just like sitting in the main hall – you have a network connection, power sockets, a seat and a desk. There’s one difference though – Clanboxes are private rooms for members of the same clan/community. On top of that, Clanboxes are fully air conditioned with electronically locked doors.

Due to the extra facilities that Clanboxes offer, there is a fee of £25 for the Aylesford suite at the Ricoh arena. This covers Clanbox booking and transaction fees that are applied, and represents no ‘profit’ to UKCS.

We are aware that this is an increase in price over previous years – this is due to increased costs at the venue and doesn’t reflect any profit made by us nor Multiplay. There are also some wicked extras* this year too:

  • Clanbox overlooks the Ricoh Arena pitch
  • Right next door to the EON lounge…and the bar!

Aylesford suite at the Ricoh Arena

If you have any questions, please email Players need to pay the relevant sum via PayPal to secure their seat in the Clanbox. Once your booking ID is confirmed as being in a Clanbox it becomes non refundable unless a replacement for that seat in the box is found.

Paying for Clanbox bookings

As the seats are rapidly running out and there are only a few un-allocated ones left the paypal form has been removed to ensure people don’t pay for seats that are not available. If you are interested in attending then please email and we’ll send you the payment details once your space is allocated.



*yeah, we’re cool