Clanbox information


The i43 Clanbox.

This information is pending an update as of 21/04/14 and may not be correct.

At previous Insomnia LANs we were lucky enough to secure Clanboxes for the UKCS attendees. Clanboxes are just like sitting in the main hall – you have a network connection, power sockets, a seat and a desk. There’s one difference though – Clanboxes are private rooms for members of the same clan/community.

On top of that, Clanboxes are fully air conditioned with electronically locked doors. Worried about your equipment going missing whilst you sleep? On top of the excellent security at iSeries events, only players with the correct key for the clanbox you’re in can get near your gear!

Due to the extra facilities that clanboxes offer, there is a fee of either £10 (Pattingham/Coalport suites) or £12.50 (all other suites) plus a small paypal fee (around £0.60). This covers Clanbox booking and transaction fees that are applied, and represents no ‘profit’ to UKCS. If you are unsure which Clanbox type we are occupying at the latest iSeries event, please send us an email. Players need to pay the relevant sum via PayPal to secure their seat in the Clanbox. Once your booking ID is confirmed as being in a Clanbox it becomes non refundable unless a replacement for that seat in the box is found.

Paying for Clanbox bookings

Once the clanbox booking for the next event has been confirmed with Multiplay, the suite we will be using and the relevant costs will be announced to attendees. Once this information is sent out then please send the correct amount via paypal to using the steps below. This example is for £12.50 – change this to the actual amount in the announcement if it is different.

Select ‘Send Money’; enter the email address of ‘’, the amount of 12.50 ‘GBP – British Pounds’ and pick ‘Im sending money to family or friends’

On the final screen please leave ‘I will pay the fee’ ticked. You will be charged around £13.13 (the exact paypal fee will vary depending on currencies and payment methods). Ensure that the last line above the pay button says that ‘Siegfried will receive £12.50′ – if it doesn’t then contact us before proceeding. There is also a box at the bottom of this page to include a message – please make sure you put your forum name in there so we know who is paying us!