Costs for iSeries events vary wildly depending on how far you live from the venue, where you want to stay and when you buy your ticket for entry.


Ticket costs*

Tickets for iSeries events come in two types that are relevant for PC gamers; BYOC and spectator. BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) tickets allow you to bring your own computer and/or console (although only one of each may be plugged in at once) to the event and covers your camping costs and access to all days of the event. Spectator passes will either allow you to come in from 10:00am until exhibitions close (1 day pass) for £5 or a full weekend pass for £25 allows you to camp as well.

The first 500 BYOC  tickets for iSeries events start off at the “Earlier bird” discount rate of 30% off and cost £64.40. These are normally available immediately after each iSeries event ends, for the next in the series although there have been exceptions made for some summer events where tickets have been available much sooner. After the first 500 have been sold a further “Early bird” rate of 20% and cost £73.60. Early bird tickets are normally available up to 2 months in advance. After the discounted Early bird tickets are sold, the prices go back up to the full price of £92. You may also opt into EAS (Early Arrival Service) where you can set up your computer and game from the moment you check in on Thursday and get another day of gaming. Around 50% of the players participate and the cost is £15.

If you wish to join UKCS in a clanbox you will also need to pay a further £11 to secure a seat. More information is available here.


As with any trip, where you stay greatly influences how much you will spend overall; in this case you have the option to either camp on the local campsite (entrance cost included in your ticket) or to stay in a hotel closeby.

Full costs of this are available at the official iSeries site.

*Prices may vary according to MPUK pricings year on year.