Cotillion approves this madness (i46 with UKCS)

So it was my first big LAN. I really looked forward to it and it did not disappoint me! It really was a blast and I was sad it was over.

As a first timer it was also the moment to get to know some people in real life. It is always great to get some faces with the voices. Had loads of fun and talked with loads of people, which actually was really nice. Got loads of hugs from people, Comedian even jumphugged me :) . The atmosphere at i46 and especially in the Clanbox was really friendly.

Some random reasons why you should come next times as well:

  • We played Twister with random people!
  • Meet up with nice people and get to know them!
  • You can scare 13th Nightmare if he is streaming some horror games!
  • Make me proud by coming to i49!
  • We had a Keg of ale in the Clanbox!
  • Have loads of fun!
  • Get free goodies!
  • Meet up with nice people and get to know them! (or did I say that already?)

Last but not least I want to make a shout out to some people: Xerxes (for being awesome!), Tom (What did you do?!), Trell (for being Trell), Salva and Screwmeh (for being nice dudes the hang out with!), Sunshine (for the hugs), 13th Nightmare (for the scares), Sweetamber and JayyJayy (for the mouse, thanks again), Blame (for the dress), Ruskeydoo (for being the gentleman) and of course all others that were there!!!