Diary of a Little Pwnie

So Sunshine has given you an awesome run down of competitive TF2. She plays comp TF2 and is rather good. I on the other hand am not.

In the spirit of making myself look silly, Mittins and I decided to resurrect my little pwnies, the team that did so well really badly in the UKCS Community Knockout Cup.

We had more players than an american football teams roster due to people being ill, at weddings, drunk, etc. This didn’t stop us rolling out with a full team every game.

We faced off with really good opponents in the group stages, against teams like nervous energy. We also came away with our first whitewash! 5-0 and a fantastic win. Xerxes will tell you it is because the other team didn’t show up, but I disagree. They were just scared of the boys from BronyVille. We also did better than another team of UKCS’ers who lost every game. Although UKCS TF2 player of the LAN should probably go to ScrewMeh* for dropping the uber of a medic who went on to come second over all in the tournament

Ultimately it wasn’t to be. We were knocked out in the group stages, but treasured our time in the spotlight. My personal blame goes to erm, Blame(!) for being too interested in hats. Joking aside, we had a great time in both the main TF2 tournament and also the ‘fun’ event that they ran shortly after it.

Watch this space as mlp could be recruiting for the i46 tournament. A little bit of practice and you never know, we might win a game!

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Apache is the UKCS executive admin for TF2, forum moderator and some would say one lab accident away from being an evil genius. He attended i43/i46 and is eagerly awaiting i49 later this year. When not gaming he is usually found at his desk pretending to be a PhD student or at the range training the university target rifle team.