Farewell to i46

i46 has been and gone. And for those who didn’t join us in the clanbox, what sort of randomness did you miss seeing as you couldn’t join us for one reason or another? Let’s see there was:

Binerexis being near unstoppable at Street Fighter, NERF Guns, CHICKEN!, NERF Guns, UKCS winning the pub quiz, the poker nights, NERF Guns and CHICKEN! to name a few of the random things that happened.

I didn’t think it would be able to top last years Insomnia, but it did in more ways than one. It was great seeing the faces I saw last year, and many new ones too: Nightstalker, Nishino’san, Lockwyn, Ger, Cotillion, MrsSekhmet, EWJ and Rico to name a few. Those who never came to i43 last year, but made the trek to i46 and will *fingers crossed* join us for i49 when UKCS will no doubt make that epic journey once more and head to Telford and take up another 2 clanboxes once more.

The one memory I will always have of i46 is when I stupidly decided it would be a good idea to do a late night stream of a Amnesia Custom Story: Haunted Hallways. And I recorded my reactions for the whole world to see as well:

UKCS Plays Haunted Hallways (Blind) – Amnesia Mod – YouTube.

And even after all the scares I got during it from one Cotillion, I still plan to do it all again next year!