Food at Insomnia

The International Centre has a large array of in-house catering that are open from early morning breakfast to late night pizza. You can order over the web at FoodPlay (only available during the event!), pay via paypal and they will even deliver it direct to your desk! If this is all a bit high tech you can go and queue up and pay with strange bits of metal and paper with the Queen’s head on it.

Evening meals tend to vary day to day, but some things are usually on the menu. Past examples have been the famous Curry and Chinese nights:

Curry Night

If canteen food/pizza is not your sort of thing then there is a large shopping centre less than 10 minutes walk from the International Centre (see map below). There are plenty of bars and restaurants but more importantly there is a large Asda supermarket or a McDonalds if that’s what you fancy.

The venue has microwaves available for cooking/reheating food and there has been hot water available at i44 and i45. The policy on take away food is likely to change although at i43/i44 all take away food apart from pizza was allowed into the venue. This was to avoid competition with the in house pizza company.

One thing to remember is that alcohol can’t be brought into the venue as they also sell it inside.  Cans of lager were ~£2.50 at i43 with discounts for bulk buying. You can drink your own alcohol in the camping areas etc. You can bring in soft drinks without a problem.

The International Centre is at the bottom of the picture and Asda at the top.