i46 Clanbox costs

We have been speaking to Multiplay and they have confirmed that clanbox costs will be set at £10 per ticket (exclusive of EAS).

As a result all players who are joining us in the clanbox will need to send payment of £11 via PayPal to LAN@UKCS.net ASAP. The additional £1 is to cover PayPal transaction fee costs and does not reflect a profit for UKCS – there are two transaction fees covered by the extra £1; firstly for us to receive the money from you into the PayPal account and then secondly to Multiplay.



When you send your Clanbox payment, select the Payment type as “personal” and then “gift”. Please include in the comments for the transfer your name, in-game name and your booking ID and ensure that the “I will pay the fee” box is unticked. If you tick it, you will end up paying more for your place as we cannot refund the extra amount.

This information has also been added to the Clanbox information page.