Insomnia 46 Caption Competition Vote

Insomnia 46 Caption
Competition Vote

After 3 weeks of user submitted captions our all star team of judges have selected the final shortlist of entries. TC (President of UKCS), Byte (TF2 guru and world renown caster) and Torden (owner of VanillaTF2) have managed to isolate the top 10 picks from those that were sent in, and now it’s your chance to help decide who is most worthy of winning 1 of 2 tickets to Insomnia 46 complete with access to the UKCS Clanbox! The entrants with the highest two votes by the end of a week’s voting will win the tickets!

Huge thanks to everyone who submitted entries – there were some absolutely awesome entries we just couldn’t include due to the sheer number of them. TC said “it was a lot of fun going through the captions which brought me a lot of giggles!”. All of the entries revolved around trying to articulate the most witty, heinous or suggestive caption they could a photograph of kan (UKCS) and Comedian (VanillaTV):

Choose your favourite from:

Kan & Comedian at i43

  • OK I have an egg, now I just need flour, milk and sugar… (41%)
  • I don’t care HOW hungry you are, Kan! You can’t eat my hat! (4%)
  • I said Duel, Not Duet! (4%)
  • Comedian likes the unusual effect on his hat, but nowhere near as much as kan does. (2%)
  • Manlove is never far away at UKCS. (11%)
  • The moment of horror when kan realises Comedian has pee’d down his leg. (2%)
  • Kan still thinks I’m joking…I’ll give him the ring later… (4%)
  • After days of intensive programming, the anti-troll firewalls are up and running! (1%)
  • “Knock knock”. “Who’s there?” “Me, and I’m always going to be there for you”. (25%)
  • Kan: “Why do I have to sit on your knee again? Wait what are you?” Comedian: “…shhhhh shh shh shh……don’t worry about what I’m doing… just smile for the photo or I’ll break your neck”. (6%)

Total Voters: 350

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Voting ends 28th April at 7PM!

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