Insomnia 46 Caption
Competition Winners

After 3 weeks of user submitted captions and shortlisting by TC (President of UKCS), Byte (TF2 guru and world renown caster) and Torden (owner of VanillaTF2), the public have voted on the top 10 entries and 2 winners have been selected. Both of the top 2 winners have won full BYOC tickets to Insomnia 46 with places in the confirmed UKCS Clanbox included as well!

All of the entries revolved around trying to articulate the most witty, heinous or suggestive caption they could a photograph of kan (UKCS) and Comedian (VanillaTV):

Kan & Comedian at i43

2nd place with 87 votes: Fitzy
“Knock knock”. “Who’s there?” “Me, and I’m always going to be there for you”.
1st place with 144 votes: Atmo
OK I have an egg, now I just need flour, milk and sugar…

Huge congratulations to both of them for winning the competition and we’re all looking forward to seeing them at i46! Huge thanks to Trell for making this competition possible and to all the entrants that we had – we really wish we could have given more tickets away for the awesome entries we had!

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