Insomnia 46 Clanbox Update



Quick update on the Clanbox situation for i46 – I had the pleasure of talking to Michael Lambert (who is event manager for i46) on Friday. He explained that the current Clanbox situation is that we are definitely able to book some of the lower Clanboxes that were in use last year. If you were at i43 last year you will probably remember how cramped they were, but don’t worry! Multiplay have reassessed the capacities of the boxes because of that and they have been rejigged to support 20 players instead of the 32 that were in them last year. Hurrah!

This means that if you were concerned about being able to join UKCS in a Clanbox, you will be able to get into the box – currently we’re looking at a top end cap of 60 players, meaning that every single one of the current Clanbox payees will be able to join us. If you haven’t sent us your ID, make sure you send it in ASAP either to or send us a message on the UKCS forums.