Insomnia 49 Clanbox status


Spaces left in the UKCS Clanbox at i49!

Insomnia 49 is set to have the largest turnout for UKCS members that we’ve seen and already a stupendous 79 players have signed up to join us in the UKCS Clanbox this year. Clanboxes are private areas in the LAN with locking doors and air-conditioning to guarantee a comfortable time.

Unfortunately, this also leaves us with only a limited number of places left to assign – if you are planning on joining us we recommend telling us ASAP. To buy your ticket click here. Places in the Clanbox are on a first-come-first-served basis and if you don’t get a slot we will put you onto the waiting list so that you can take a place if one becomes available.

If you do want to join us make sure you send us your booking ID to or direct to Xerxes or Unspecified on Steam. Looking forward to hearing from you!