It has begun…

Doors are open, gamers are here and the streams are up. More of that later…

Yesterday saw the EAS (early arrival service) and approximately 1500 gamers turning up to drain every bit of goodness out of LAN. A lot of the UKCS box was in and feeling at home last night, partaking in the famous stone willys, the pizza shop.

Well, like the olympics, insomnia has an opening ceremony too. This one comes with swag for those willing to fight tooth and nail for it, including the boxes the free stuff comes in!

Kritzkast are in the box over the hall with some amazing banners, pictures to come later.

What about the UKCS clanbox? Well if you can’t make it here you can enjoy all of the gaming goodness on the official twitch TV stream. Watch Salva rage or the ballonicorn make a rare¬†appearance.

What about the gaming? Tournaments begin later on today with the preliminary rounds. History has taught us that our TF2 teams have ‘mixed fortunes’ when it comes to competitive play and to me it looks like our DOTA players are into their serious business. Good luck to everyone who enter.

If you have questions for anyone here then hit us up on our facebook, twitter, stream chat or leave a comment here.

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