KritzKast join the UKCS i49 Clanbox

You hear that? That’s the sound of awesome smashing your LAN experience up to the next level as TF2 podkasting legends KritzKast join the party and the UKCS Insomnia 49 Clanbox. It’s also the sound of breaking windows and police sirens, but we won’t talk about that*.

That’s right, KritzKast are joining us in the insanely large 80 man Clanbox we have at i49 this year. TF2 legends Agro, Tempest, Ruskeydoo and Helene will be covering things from i49 and generally raising the cool level of the room whilst dodging Nerf darts**.

If you want to join us at i49 and join in on the largest LAN in the UK this year, with over 2500 players there are still a few spaces to join us.

Hope to hear from you soon!

*until the court case.
**UKCS does not endorse annoying KritzKast. It’s not funny and they are known to bite.