Member bio:
Apache is the UKCS executive admin for TF2, forum moderator and some would say one lab accident away from being an evil genius. He attended i43/i46 and is eagerly awaiting i49 later this year. When not gaming he is usually found at his desk pretending to be a PhD student or at the range training the university target rifle team.

Player name: ApacheFlame|UKCS|
Real name: A.
Country: England
LANs attended: i43/i46
Plays: TF2/BF3/Scrolls
Steam Community page: Apacheflame
Twitter: Apache_flame
Website: www.ukcs.net

Favourite quote: Pope baked us cookies!

Favourite LAN drink: Diet Coke

PC Specs:

Graphics card: MSI GTX560 Ti 2Gb
CPU: Core i5 750
Monitor: AOC E2357FM / Samsung Syncmaster 2333
Motherboard: MSI P55-GD65
Memory: 8 Gb DDR3
Operating System: Win 7 Pro

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