Little Miss Skittles

Member bio:
Miss Skittles is an redheaded loon who should not be allowed near caffeine under any circumstances. She can occasionally be found on TF2 server #2, chasing people around with flamethrowers and mediguns, although she's more commonly seen in the wilds of Tyria (generally pretending to be a sentient plant) or in Azeroth (despairing at her raid team). When at LAN, she can normally be found bothering Apache, poking her PC in order to get it to work, or causing mayhem with nerf guns.

Player name: Little Miss Skittles
Real name: Jayne
Country: UK
LANs attended: i49, i52, i55, heading to i58
Plays: Overwatch, Warframe, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone
Steam Community page: miss_ophelia

Favourite LAN drink: Coffee, in large quantities. Failing that, alcohol, in even larger quantities.

PC Specs:

Graphics card: ASUS Strix Nvidia GTX 960
CPU: Intel i5
Motherboard: MSI Gaming M3
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional