Sir Bob Geldof

Member bio:
Former Tf2 admin for ukcs and currently a minecraft admin for ukcs which means he is doing nothing. Doing his computer science degree at UCD wait really?. While everyone know he is Irish there has been suggestions of being from Zanzibar. Generally hangs out on mumble to recite reddit stuff and to talk games. Belived to be the wiseman of gaming since he owns all 3 current gen consoles and PC. Oh and METAL GEAR!

Player name: Geldof|UKCS|
Country: Ireland
LANs attended: I46
Plays: Pretty much everything since I own all the games.
Steam Community page: geldof

Favourite quote: Anyone up for twister

Favourite LAN drink: Cider of any type

Best bits:

  • Winning i46 Pub Quiz
  • Attacking Neuro with nerf gun
  • Trell Chicken incident
  • Messing in front of ukcs stream camera
  • Winning some radiator in raffle
  • After i46 pub and hotel fun