Member bio:
Xerxes is UKCS' Vice-President and currently organises clanbox bookings for the Summer Insomnia series LANs. He attended Insomnia first at i43 in August 2011.

Player name: Xerxes |UKCS|
Country: United Kingdom
LANs attended: i43., i46, i49, i52
Plays: TF2!
Steam Community page: XerxesXS
Twitter: UKCS_LAN
Website: UKCS.net

Favourite quote: Milky: Go on then, ban me!

Favourite LAN drink: Coffee!

Best bits:

  • Finally getting to meet some of the members of UKCS, and the fantastic admins that run the servers - no experience quite like it! ♥
  • Getting to behold Garner's "troll face" in the flesh
  • Meeting the folks from Infused, and receiving that amazing official Infused.Tt shirt! :O

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