ScrewMeh*’s Testic-monia-le

Well, where to start? I had known a few of the people at i43 for quite a long time but never met them in person. When Trell suggested going to iseries I was a bit wary, but after a little bit of thought I caved and bought my ticket. Turns out, iSeries was one of the best weekends of my life and is still one of my greatest memories. Meeting people I had known online in person left me quite nervous but it turns out they are probably the best people I know, well, except Spec of course, we all dislike him. i43 has influenced my decision to attend both i45 and i46 this year, both of which I am extremely looking forward to. i46 in the UKCS box I can guarantee is going to be an experience :D

TL:DR If you are thinking of attending your first LAN, make sure it’s in the UKCS box and you will have the best time of your life :D