So the PCs are packed, the halls are empty and i46 is over…

What can I say about i46, this was my 5th TUP iSeries event and it was bigger and better than ever!

The Exhibition hall was amazing with so many cool things to do and see, Borderlands 2, Yu Gi Oh bus out the front of the venue, trading card stand, Scan with their Scalextrix, PNY’s formula one racing car, awesome cakes of win, the list is endless!

Hall 3 (where I sat with my clan) had its own bar, the VanillaTV stage for TF2, and 800 TF2 players including Classic Mix^ and Levithan Gaming from the USA, Extine from eXtv was also there from the states and what a fantastic gent he was! Add into that characters such as Darn, Numlocked, Byte, Dunc, NVC, Comedian and Arx and Beta and there was an amazing atmosphere! The hall temperature was just right most of the time and when it was lights out the true LAN feel was certainly there in full.

The TF2 competition was full of MASSIVE shocks as the USA teams were focused, driven and hungry even after jet lag and rolled the best the EU had to offer in convincing fashion with Mix^ taking the honors in an all USA final

The UKCS crew were awesome as always, all of them are such amazing people and so kind as well. Apache Flame’s amazing girlfriend Beth knitted my son a TF2 hat to wear (now in pride of place hanging on the end of his bed with his i46 Lanyard) and Smoggsy gave him a fab poster for his soon to be redecorated bedroom which I now have to go find a frame for lol. Many hugs were there for us both from Mrs Sek, the totally batty but amazingly lovely Tany (cookies ftw!), the big and butch Cotillion, the cross dressing Blame (dont ask!), Mr Rohypnol Trell and all the other amazing people in the box, the only sad thing was Garner and the lovely Synaphix not being able to make it (love ya both xxx)

UKCS also proved they are not just beautiful people but also possess intelligence in full quota by ruining Big Clan’s dominance in the Pub Quiz and taking home top honors!

…and of course I have to make a special mention to Loser who literally saved my lan by giving me a fantastic monitor to replace the one that got broken at home literally weeks before LAN, definitely a hero xxx

if you couldn’t make this year’s summer Lan then get your bums to i49, its gonna be HUGE!

Much love

Sunshine xxx